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Brother, could you spare a dime?

Well, it's the end of the month, Christmas is well behind us, and the bills have come due. As it so happens to happen in this SN-Manor household, we managed to close the first month of 2003 in bleak financial straits.

How bleak, you ask? If you want to communicate with us, forget about the telephone. Try telepath instead, or perhaps Western Union Carrier Pigeon. Since I won't see money again until mid to late February, I'm digging through the house to see what I can put on the front lawn in our Yard Sale. More specifically, I'm going through our library of books and movies to see what I can sell to tide me over and keep food on the plate. Mom had a pretty extensive collection of hardcover books, since she was a voracious reader. Though I feel rather cheerless ransacking her stuff. As odd is it is, these books are keepsakes for me to remember her by.

But then again, it's either sell them or boil them for dinner, and books taste kinda pulpy.

Thus, the Yard Sale commences.