Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

We haven't had real snow in almost 3 years

It's been a long dry several years here. Not just with the lack of snow, but the lack of any precip in almost five years, which only just began to be alleviated. With that in mind, it's almost understandable why my school was sadistic enough to consider remaining open yesterday in light of 6 inches of snow falling rapidly from the sky. That was the line I was given when I called their schedule hotline. Well, my line was "no way in hell". Even hell closed due to freezing over today.

Well, the University chose to surrender at a little before eight. However, they can take consolation that they weren't the only ones reeling from the decision of stubbornly trying to stay open, in the face of common sense criticism. They can say, "Well, we realized that we should close, even before DC public schools did."

Yep, in the face of ever mounting traffic accidents, road closures, snow and ice covered streets, and reduced bus coverage by Metrobus (most kids travel to school via the same mass transit as tourists and commuters), and a populace that hasn't seen snow in nearly three years, DC tried to keep schools open, until finally surrendering at about 8am this morning.

In perspective, at 3am, it was coming down furiously and we had already 2 inches on the ground, and about 1/2 an inch on a street just plowed. The night prior, Montgomery County preemptively closed schools. Fairfax County closed schools at around 4:15am. In perspective, my road was closed for a good length of time this morning because of a truck accident, one of many that peppered the region. And remember, as a region, inclement weather driving skills have plummeted since I returned here in 1989.

So tomorrow, DC schools are preemptively closed. As is most other University in the region. Mine, I don't know about yet.
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