Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Hillendale Sniper Update

Well, it appears that authorities have linked the sniper suspects to the Hillendale Liquor Store incident of September 14th, which the local media reported on back in the height of the shootings, and which I linked to. This, and the cross country exploits of our intrepid travelers paints an interesting portrait of our gang. It doesn't look like he had a big plan with all of this, but it looks he's been mad and crazy for quite some time, at least since early September or late August. Again, just so I can repeat myself, it does not look like "Islamic Terrorism" as some of our internet commentators have been harping on for the past several weeks, but a man who is angry with his life and decided to take it out on innocents. However, I am concerned about mismatching descriptions of the weapon used in the Alabama shooting, and the implications it raises. It could simply mean that the eyewitnesses were mistaken, but it could mean that another accomplice is out there.
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