Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
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Back to Jersey, Baton Rouge

The FBI is looking for a man in New Jersey believed to be a witness in the wave of deadly sniper attacks.

Nathanel O. Osbourne, 26, who co-owned the car in which two suspects in the case were found early Thursday, was believed to be in the Camden or Trenton areas, FBI spokeswoman Linda Vizi said this evening.

"In no way is he a subject of this sniper investigation," she said. "We believe that he would be an excellent witness."
She wouldn't elaborate on what Osbourne might know.

Investigators want to visit Baton Rouge, too.

Williams was travelling with 17-year-old Lee Malvo, and introduced him as his son. His family says when they came they only wore backpacks and said they weren't going to be here long. But what shocked his family the most was their strict religion and what the family calls an unusally strict diet of crackers and royal honey.

The family also says that Williams was excited about getting to the Internet. They say it was something about a weapon he needed to get. The family's story goes on to bring out a note that they say the young Malvo wrote them, saying he feared for his life and that he was scared that his dad might kill him. When U.S. Marshalls showed up at their house they were very interested in that note, but it's unclear what ever happened to it.

(Above link has expired, click here for article.)
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