Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Now Let's Go to Baton Rouge, LA

WAFB's Greg Meriwether talked to Williams' family who says he was recently here in Baton Rouge with teenager Lee Malvo, the other suspect arrested by the Maryland Task Force this morning. The family says that they know that John Williams brainwashed the young boy, even making him eat an extremely strict diet of only crackers *and* honey.

The family also tells [WAFB-TV] that John Williams wanted to get on the internet and look for guns he wanted to buy.

They didn't talk about Nine Eleven to the family much Greg Meriwether of WAFB (Baton Rouge) tells WUSA-TV (Washington DC), but it seems that Malvo was scared of Williams.

PS: The Camden Courier Post also tells WUSA-TV that Williams Muhammad was doing some business up there, too. What, I wasn't paying attention to. Someone keep an eye on that website for me?
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