Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Friday Morning Reading List, Higher Level Challenge.

Every other day, I've get a piece of email from Stratfor, who describes themselves as "one of the world's leading private providers of global intelligence." In this email, I receive tantalizing headlines, but links that are inaccessible (to actually read the stories, I would need $60.). Of course, they send you one free link as a tease, but it's not something that any smuck with several hours of free time couldn't find by surfing Google News. No, the interesting stuff is lock away. So typically, I just trash the emails without looking at them.

Today, even though I'm preoccupied with the 'Tarot Card Murder', I decided to see if I can discover more about what's going on in our world. Here is news that's fit to print on Stratfor. Let's see if I find this info without having to send $60 and my class records.
Argentina: Duhalde May Have More To Gain in Default

U.S.-Iraq War Will Fuel Political Rivalries

Colombia: President Pushing FARC Issue in Washington Visit

Ports Reopen, But U.S., Asian Economies Not Out of Woods

Amid China Troubles, Taiwan and North Korea Eye Closer Economic Ties

Time Running Out for Chavez to Counter Coup Threat

Attacks on U.S. Forces Highlight Threat of Fifth Column

Venezuela: Old-Guard Opposition May Be Losing Influence

Venezuela: Chavez Losing Top Military Support

Venezuela: Split in Chavez Regime Over Crisis Management
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