Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

A note of caution...

...before I continue to chronicle today's shooting and the ones from the past few days, I need to note several things. First, they have not conclusively connected this shooting to the previous ones. I say that because witnesses report that the gunshot came from the nearby woods. If the shooter shot the kid from the woods nearby the school, it would mark a change from prior shootings where there was enough distance from the victims so that no one could really tell from where. No one will have more of a clue until they find the bullet and do tests. Of course, a number of the bullets from the previous shootings were unidentifiable for some reason, so even the authorities are working with a limited set of clues.

However, they think it's the same type of gun (not sure yet, they still need to test the bullet) -- an assult rifle.
That said, somebody still shot a kid that did nothing but head off to school. Right now, they're searching those woods for a bullet casing or some other clues.
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