Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

A murder mystery.

It started at about 5pm Wednesday afternoon.. A single bullet pierced a hole in a window as a store in Aspen Hill.

Just after 6pm, a man was shot dead just outside a grocery store in Wheaton.

So far, it's two shots, one victim. Dosen't appear to be a connection. It barely merits mention on the late local news. There's little in the morning paper (sent to press at around 10 the previous night.)

It comes to a head the next morning.

7:41am, a man is shot while mowing a lawn in White Flint.

8:12am, a man is shot while getting gas in Aspen Hill. Single bullet.

8:37am,  a woman is shot outside a post office in Silver Spring. Single bullet

News reporters are beginning to ask questions for the 9am shows. Police begin telling the media that something is out of the ordinary with this. Could there be a connection?

At 9:58am, a woman is shot at a gas station in Kensington. Single bullet.

With this, the damn breaks and the television stations begin live non-stop coverage.

Events like this are mesmerizing and frightening. This is about 10 miles north or 30 minutes away from where I live and work. Of course, I'm apprehensive. Everyone is scared by this. People are being targeted at random. The assailent remains unseen, as he picks them off at long range. It's a frightening mystery which we've been thrown into, and no one is sure that it is over yet.

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