Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Florida is Against Adoptions

...or so it seems by the incredibly bizarre law they took effect last year.
[This law requires] any woman wishing to give her baby up for private adoption to first publicly humiliate herself in an effort to alert the child's father to her intentions. Under the law, the mother-to-be must take out a newspaper ad listing her name, address, and physical description, plus the descriptions of any and all men who might have fathered her child--that is, anyone with whom Mom had sex during the months leading up to her pregnancy. The ad must run once a week for four weeks in the local paper of any town in which the child may have been conceived.

That graft is worth repeating. To give up a child for adoption, a woman must disclose who the father is. If she is unsure, she has to publicize her sexual history to all of Florida! It matters not if the if the woman in question is a victim of rape, or a minor. "The ad must run once a week for four weeks in the local paper of any town in which the child may have been conceived." Allegedly, this law was designed to help prevent future custody battles by giving notice to the person who may be the father that the child is up for adoption. Of course, what's more likely to happen is that scared women would slip off and have abortions, or just abandon the child, rather than face the prospect of becoming branded with the scarlet letter. Governor Jeb Bush took a brave political stand by letting the law become official without the signature. ("I'm against this law, but not enough to risk my popularity!")

Brilliant one, guys!

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Kristof, Nicholas D. "Shaming Young Mothers" New York Times. August 23, 2002. (LJ copy via Yendi)
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